Thursday, November 7, 2013

Common Core indoctrination

Public schools transition to outright political indoctrinatin camps.

Here's an example of an English course (aka Language Arts in many schools) worksheet under the new Common Core curriculum.

The message here is targeted toward fifth graders. But Fox News notes:
The job of making sure laws are fair is not the president's, but the judicial branch's. The executive branch's duty is to administer laws. And the example that places the well-being of the nation above the "wants of an individual" appears to run counter to the basic principles of the Bill of Rights.
Fox News notes the worksheet actually pre-dates Common Core. Parents are obviously not paying attention to what their kids are being taught in government schools. I suspect many a parent is already are so dumbed down, they don't have a clue there's anything wrong with what their kids are being taught.

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