Sunday, November 17, 2013

If you like your Constitution, you can keep... Or maybe not...

The Bill of Rights
Another progressive law professor proposes a constitutional rewrite that would do away with the Second

Texas A&M University Law Professor Mary Margaret Penrose spoke at an academic panel session in Connecticut:
I think I’m in agreement with you and, unfortunately, drastic times require drastic measures,” Penrose said. “. . . I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment.”
Another meddling academic who thinks she's smarter than the founders. Or is it just that she thinks Americans are dumb enough to fall for progressive trickery?

Open disparagement of the Constitution, not just the Second Amendment, seems to be increasingly popular in progressive academic circles (Previous posts here and here).

Even our kids are being subjected to the message of a constitutional rewrite in Common Core public school classes. One school system in Arkansas got caught red handed with an assignment that challenged sixth graders to cut two amendments from the Bill of Rights.

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  1. You know, Thomas Jefferson was a great advocate for rewriting the Constitution every twenty years or so. In theory, I don't object to fairly frequent rewrites of such documents. Times and social needs do change and what was once necessary later becomes superfluous or obsolete. But some things do not change. And what frightens me about proposed constitutional rewrites today is exactly the idea of doing away with the second amendment. In reality though, the second amendment today is practically a dead letter. Too many "reasonable restrictions" are okayed by the courts. Some of those "reasonable restrictions" permitted a handful of fanatics armed with little more than razor blades to murder more than 3000 people on September 11, 2001. That hardly seems reasonable to me.