Monday, November 18, 2013

Making airports more like prisons. That's progressive

It seems the security obsessed folks who've seized control of America's transportation hubs are at it again.

CNY Central recently reported new 'exit portals' have been installed at the airport in Syracuse, and may soon appear at other airports around the country:
A robotic voice gives instructions to enter the portal and wait for the doors to close behind you. A few seconds later the outer door opens. The new exits are part of the airport's $60 million dollar renovation. 
The portals are one way. If anyone tries to get back into the secure area, the door automatically locks.  
"We need to be vigilant and maintain high security protocol at all times. These portals were designed and approved by TSA which is important," said Syracuse Airport Commissioner Christina Callahan. 
But once these nifty security portals are installed... how do large numbers of people exit quickly if there's a fire or terrorist attack? And, let me ask, do these portals block entrance by police, paramedics or fire fighters who might normally be faster in responding if an exit worked both ways?

M-o-o-o-v-e along people. If you can. Today, more than ever, you're being herded, and penned, like sheep or cattle.

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