Thursday, November 21, 2013

Member of Congress mugged

Based on media accounts, it sounds like the robbery of Rep Grace Meng (D-NY) involved tactics associated with what some call the "knockout game."

The Washington Post describes the congresswoman's injuries:
Responding police officers found Meng disoriented at 2nd St. and Independence Avenue SE with bruising and swelling to the back of the left side of her head, and injuries to her left knee, hand and face. Meng was not able to remember where she was robbed or describe her assailant or assailants, according to a D.C. police report. 
All Meng could tell police was that she had dinner on 8th Street SE and her black Gucci tote bag was stolen during the attack. Medics evaluated her at the scene then took Meng to George Washington University hospital. The report described her injuries as abrasion, swelling, bruises and unconsciousness.
The Hill describes the attack like this:
An attacker knocked Meng to the ground with a hit to the head while she was walking back to her apartment after eating dinner. The attacker took her bag and ran away near 6th St. and Pennsylvania Ave — a little less than a mile from the Capitol building.
Other instances of knockout attacks have not involved robbery; just street punks trying to take their victims by surprise, and knocking them out with one blow.  CBS in Philly reports at least three knockout attacks have taken place in in that city recently. Other cities are also reporting similar attacks.

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