Friday, November 15, 2013

More coal plants dying... Perhaps America too...

The Tennessee Valley Authority puts eight more coal fired electrical generation plants on the chopping block, citing pressure from environmental regulators and big drops in energy demand.

The Washington Post reports:
“We find ourselves at a time when we don’t need as much capacity as we have,” (TVA President Bill) Johnson said. “There has been a significant reduction in demand over four or five years, and we don’t see robust demand in the future.” Moreover, the TVA president said, “with all these coal plants we had to make a decision about how much we would have to invest” to keep them open.
The warnings of an American economic collapse continue. Industries are shutting down, and those in surviving industries, like electric utilities, don't see business coming back any time soon.

If we ever get back to the point where businesses want to expand or resume, will there be enough power to let them?

I've noted Obama's war on coal and our power grid before. Here's somewhat of an index to the posts.

America is being disassembled right before our eyes. But the destruction is being done quietly, out of sight for most folks. That's kind of how Obamacare was being handled until a few short weeks ago.

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