Friday, November 15, 2013

Okay, the cracks are showing... but what's next?

Political columnist Peggy Noonan pens a few lines at the Wall Street Journal:
What a fall, and how richly deserved. The administration didn't care enough to make sure the people of their country were protected. In the middle of a second Age of Anxiety they decided to make Americans more anxious. The next few weeks and months they'll continue to see the people's mighty wrath.
But true to her usual form, I suspect Peggy's not seeing the full picture...
 People are wondering if we are seeing the end of liberalism. We are not. Liberalism, a great and storied American political tradition, will survive this. But progressivism—liberalism without blood—has been badly, deeply damaged.
Poor Peggy. She seems to think politics as usual can still save us.

I don't think she understands how deeply progressives have damaged things. And I think she way underestimates how hard they'll fight to cling to, even try to expand, their now fleeting power and influence.

I'm not saying the progressives will prevail. But I am saying they can still inflict far more additional damage on the nation than most politics as usual people realize.

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