Thursday, November 14, 2013

This image still bothers me...

The White House poster recently noting Veterans Day weekend... It bugs me...

From the White House Facebook page

Maybe what disturbs me is how it compares with other historical images.

"Triumph of  the Will" 1935

"Triumph of  the Will" 1935
Obama's fundamentally changing America may be presented in a slick, colorful format. But for those of us who take time to contrast it with black and white warnings of history, we see plenty causing us to feel more than a little uneasy.

Update: For those doubting the authenticity of the Obama poster, here's a second link. This one takes you to the post on the official, verified White House Twitter account.


  1. Aw, Doug, calm down.

    1. Showing troops showering the president with affection as a Veterans Day message does a 180 on the holiday's meaning. In your pics, it's clear "W" is reaching out to the troops, so I'll call it mutual admiration. All we see in the Obama photo is the preezy as a target of affection.