Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Totin' guns at political events... Who started it, anyway?

Well, huh. Those Texans don't look nearly so scary when you look 'em in the eye.

As seen at Facebook/Open Carry Texas

How come it bothers the anti-gun folks when pro-gun folks peacefully bring guns to demonstrations?

Anti-gun folks use guns as props too.

Dianne Feinstein pulls all kinds of strings to get "scary guns" for her DC press events - even though DC law forbids such guns in the district.

Doh! She's the one breaking (or, at best, stretching) the law, not the Texans shown above!

Watch that trigger finger Dianne, you may not know enough about an AK to know if it's loaded or not.

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  1. Actually, it's impossible for her to break the laws in DC unless she commits harm to another human being. It's written into the constitution that the goons responsible for writing (and approving) laws are essentially immune to them too.