Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Deceptive numbers behind Obama's immigration claims

On the surface, it looks like Obama's a champ at deporting illegal aliens. Or so the government and the New York Times want you think.

But is it as they claim?

ICE counts those caught while trying to cross the border, according to Texas Congressman Lamar Smith, who says deportation rates may be in decline going back to 2009 - when Obama policy was first coming online.
Mr. Smith justified his findings by saying that it is “dishonest” to include those illegal immigrants seized by Border Patrol trying to cross the border as removals made by ICE. He went on to say that the Border Patrol program removals do not place any restrictions on illegal immigrants for returning to the United States. In other words, one single illegal immigrant can reach the border many times in one year and be counted as a removal each time. 
Having high deportation numbers apparently serves the administration's agenda. It feigns "toughness" - and helps galvanize support on the Left for immigration amnesty.

The president and his administration lies and manipulates on most everything. Understand this, and you have a better understanding of the harm they do, or want to do, to America.

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