Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I may post one or two more things that amuse me later today, but I'm mostly targeting a day of relaxation and reflection on this Christmas Eve. I may pick a book off the shelf rather than spend time surfing the web.

We make too much of the hype, not enough of the personal reflection and true fellowship with family and friends that used to accompany our holidays. I wish this would change.

"Christmas Eve in Colonial Times"
as depicted in an 1892 illustration

I've done my best to avoid most retailers this Christmas shopping season that opened their doors on Thanksgiving Day. No, I've not been entirely successful. But the very few times I have gone, I've spent little or was accompanying someone who had a specific purpose for going.

Entering a Walmart would normally be at least a weekly experience. I've been once since Thanksgiving.

If retail sales are any indicator, there may be others who still resent Big Retail's intrusion on Thanksgiving. Retail sales numbers are said to be petty dismal this year.

I still have a few presents to wrap. Some family members have visited, and already departed to return home out of state. Others will be coming tonight to spend a couple days. So please forgive my absence if there's a posting lull through Christmas.

Christmas Eve in church. Rancho de Taos, New Mexico, 1942
U.S. government photo/Farm Security Administration
Most of us tend to need more quiet time, whether we know it or not. And that includes a break from the web once in a while.

So again let me say, Merry Christmas. My wish is that we all do at least a little to put some quiet reverence back into what was once intended to be a holy observance as well was a national holiday.

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