Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Salvage ops

Doing what I call "salvage ops" this week, helping sort through some of the junk in a long neglected basement prior to renovation of the house (not mine) getting underway.

Under a deadline. A dumpster arrives Friday.

Among the finds, about eight dozen Mason jars. Three jars were still filled with home-canned green beans that looked as if they were fresh canned.

Best I can tell from family history and the vintage of surrounding stuff, these beans have been stored at least a decade. Maybe a lot longer. Makes me rethink how long home-canned products might last under favorable conditions.

I opened the bean jars prior to discarding their contents. Normal green bean smells. But no, I didn't sample for taste. No desire to play guinea pig or tempt fate when I'm already jammed for time.

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