Sunday, December 8, 2013

Splashing some balance on Mandela media worship

The worshipful tone of American TV news coverage of Nelson Mandela has been way, way over the top.

I am pleased to see the New York Times (yes, the Times) takes a stab at some balance.
“Nelson Mandela was not a saint. We would dishonor his memory if we treated him as if he was one,” Pierre de Vos, a law professor, wrote on Friday in The Daily Maverick, an online magazine in South Africa, arguing that Mr. Mandela’s genius lay in his willingness to bend and compromise. “Like all truly exceptional human beings, he was a person of flesh and blood, with his own idiosyncrasies, his own blind spots and weaknesses.”
Few disagree that Mandela's tuning in to compromise opened the door to great things.

America, on the other hand, has a petulant, pouty president who refuses to compromise.

Mandela was a man who was able to see beyond race.

American progressives and our president hide behind race, using it as a shield, as a weapon to attack opponents often where race is not a factor at all.

Barack Obama and his progressive allies could learn a thing or two from the Mandela we see in today's Times piece.

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