Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still waiting on recovery?

How can you have an economic recovery when you have a federal government and busy-body regulators than keep getting in the way?

Builder Online notes that home builders will face a new set of obstacles in the coming year:
Dodd-Frank rules and regulations kicking in at a new level in the early part of 2014, we don't see an outpouring of enthusiasm among traditional regional bank lenders in the land acquisition and development lending space. 
And Builder also notes, big problems remain in financing home buyers:
Banks are girding for new qualified mortgage and qualified residential mortgage rules and regulation, servicers are still convulsing from the non-stop binge of federal and local liability issues that stalk them since the housing crisis days, and consumers themselves continue to be plagued with uncertainties in job security and wage growth. 
I've seen ads recently touting home buyer and refinance mortgage rates at around 2 1/2 percent. But I've also seen stories and a chart showing home ownership rates in American continue to fall.

From FRED, the St. Louis fed, as re-posted on Twitter

Something remains terribly wrong if, with mortgage rates so artificially low, we're still losing ground in home ownership. It's a nine year trend and it appears on track to continue

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