Monday, December 30, 2013

The growing national divide makes DC's GOP increasingly irrelevant

Is this what has Republican "leadership" scheming to move the party to the Left?

The so-called Red States look less and less like Blue States.

The closet progressive Republicans in DC are starting to sweat they'll be left with a country that no longer tolerates a super-sized federal government that demands one-size-fits-all compliance.

So, the Republican Party in DC - rather than try to more closely align with the will of its voter base (perhaps former voter base) - is now dictating that constitutionally minded constituencies shut up, and slip to the Left (or, as they say, be more moderate) like the GOP leadership in DC.

All for the sake of  party unity, of course.

Guess what. Ain't gonna happen.

Meanwhile, the Dems are delighted their Blue States become increasingly socialist - even totalitarian. This, of course, aligns well with the bigger central government path DC elites in both parties envision for the whole nation.

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