Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Damn that traffic jam

Almost 6:00 am here in Atlanta.  And thousands of people still haven't made it after setting out for home yesterday afternoon.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
The winter storm has mostly moved into the Carolinas, but metro Atlanta traffic remained gridlocked at 4 a.m. Wednesday as Tuesday’s afternoon rush hour from hell stretched into hour 16.
Kids never got home from some schools yesterday, they sheltered in place.

It appears things went spinning out of control as everyone tries to rush home at the last minute. Once you have gridlock, it's hard to treat icy roads. I'd also suggest DOT crews (or whoever else may be responsible) let things get a head of 'em yesterday when it came to preemptive treatment of major thoroughfares.

How many cars are sitting without gas this morning, making recovery even more complicated?

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