Wednesday, January 8, 2014


They say firewood may need up to two years to season properly
I'm going to vouch for that.

In September 2011, we trimmed some oaks. I brought home over a cord of wood from big limbs we downed..

Last year, the stuff was still too green to burn without having a chimney that left our den smelling of smoke afterward. The odor would hang in the chimney, occasionally coming back down to haunt us long after the fire died out.  Needless to say,we didn't burn much wood last winter.

This week, the polar vortex sent me back to the wood pile. Some of the bigger pieces still put off a pungent smell of smoke when set afire, but those with a diameter under three inches seem to burn fine.

No complaints from me. The small diameter stuff should keep us stocked for the balance of this season, leaving the thicker pieces another year to season properly for winter 2014-15.

When it comes to firewood, best to plan ahead.

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