Monday, January 6, 2014

Is it Republican Party suicide we're watching? Or the Republicans joining the push for a national suicide?

When the GOP establishment calls for party unity, it means assimilate into the big party structure, or be crushed.

The National Interest, a website focused on politics and foreign policy, notes:
Republican bigwigs hope the 2014 elections will be just like the 2010 midterms, except without the great unwashed masses of the Tea Party mucking things up. This time, the Republican establishment is launching a few primary challenges of its own. 
Sitting atop the target list is Justin Amash, the second-term congressman from Michigan. Dubbed the “most liberal Republican” by Karl Rove, Amash is a favorite of the Club for Growth, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, and other Tea Party groups. But GOP moderates hope Gerald Ford’s former district isn’t an ideal base for the most influential Ron Paul Republican outside of libertarianism’s first family.
Sorry, Mr.Rove. Trying to stamp out Republicans because their values are more conservative or lean more libertarian than your own will not recapture the spirit of 2010.

But Rove's not alone in his efforts to fracture the party and drive off the conservative base. Others in party leadership may be even worse in pushing the Republican Party into irrelevance.

Ever check out Wild Bill for America?

He has a few choice words for House Speaker John Boehner:

Boehner's on record attacking conservative political interest groups. He says they're ridiculous when they go against his big party politics.

I won't call Boehner ridiculous. I call him a menace and a danger to America's constitutional roots and traditional ideals. Not so much by what he says, but by his actions that allow the Democrats' progressive remake of America to move forward. Assess John Boehner by where his leadership is taking us, not by where he says it is.

Boehner and Rove won't recreate the miracle surge of 2010. If anything, they'll prevent a repeat in 2014 unless they cease their push of division, and restore a right-thinking direction.

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