Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Move along, seniors. Nothing to see here.

Looks like AARP's website finally chimes in on the Knockout Game - those violent sucker punch attacks that frequently target senior citizens.
It involves knocking out an unsuspecting victim with a single punch. Some news organizations have reported that the “game,” in which people of color, often older, are randomly attacked by young “players,” has become an epidemic. Others, while acknowledging that the game exists, brand the so-called trend an urban legend.
Wait a minute. People of color are randomly attacked, says the AARP post?

Yes, a white guy in Texas as been charged with a knockout attack on an elderly African American.

If media routinely reported the race of an attacker or victim, it would also be evident that there's a long record of these attacks being perpetrated by people of color with victims being of other races.

Lee County, Florida had two incidents in November. New York and Philadelphia have had a series of such attacks.

Bugs me AARP distorts the picture. Tightens its reporting to highlight one group of victims. Actually AARP showcases just one victim, an atypical one.

Elderly people are often more vulnerable. Will AARP's distorted reporting lead some potential targets to lessen their guard against such attacks - when calls for more vigilance seem more appropriate?

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