Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Sunday's New York Times hoplophobia update:

The New York Times bemoans that it's now too expensive to keep concealed carry firearms out of public buildings in Kansas.

Thanks to recently passed legislation, public buildings in Kansas will have to have patron screening or security guards if they want to prohibit otherwise lawfully concealed weapons.

It seems, in the mind of the New York Times, people will be safer if guns are banned from public buildings - so that the good folks will leave their's outside. But we know from numerous mass shootings that those planning a mass killing are not deterred by gun free zones. If anything, the gun free distinction is a criteria would-be killers use in choosing their targets.

The New York Times also fails to cite a single incident where a legally carried firearm in a Kansas building - public or otherwise - has resulted in injury or damage.

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  1. I'm sure they also fail to note the cases where armed citizens have thwarted robberies and attacks by simply displaying their own firearms. Maybe the NRA should send email copies of the "armed citizen" to all news outlets each month.