Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yummy, yummy

Three Granny Smith apples caught my eye in the fridge. Decided on an old sweet southern side dish for lunching... Fried apples.

It's really a simple recipe.

I cored and sliced the apples, then peeled the skins, and dug out an old iron frying pan.

Melt a half cup butter in the pan, mix in about a half cup sugar. Stir in about two tablespoons of cinnamon.

Add in the apple slices as the concoction bubbles. Cook the apples, occasionally stirring and flipping them, until they start getting soft.

I like to eat my apples with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream plopped on top.  Put a little bit of the butter cinnamon sauce as a topping to the ice cream.

But ice cream is optional. These simple southern fried apples are plenty good all by themselves.

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