Friday, February 28, 2014

A constitutional tipping point

About time we heard someone say this.

As noted at the website Future of Capitalism:
A professor at George Washington University School of Law, Jonathan Turley, who says he voted for President Obama and agrees with him on a lot of issues, is faulting Mr. Obama for taking the law into his own hands. From an interview Professor Turley gave to NPR's Here & Now: 
"I'm afraid I think he is violating the Constitution...the most serious violations, in my view, are various cases when he went to Congress, as in the immigration field, as in the healthcare field, as for very specific things, and was rejected, and then decided just to order those on his own. He's also been accused of shifting large amounts of money from their appointed or appropriated purpose to other purposes. ...what we're seeing with the Obama administration is really a systemic circumvention of Congress."
Professor Turley also shared he concerns with the Congress this week, appearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Here's part of his testimony:

Update: A link to Turley's appearance on NPR

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