Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How wrong can one woman be?

Marda Dunsky is an author, and is allowed to shape the minds of American young people as well as the direction of future American mainstream media because Northwestern University in Illinois allows her to teach journalism.

Dunsky writes:
The US and the world have changed greatly since the Bill of Rights was adopted in 1791. The events of recent years have shown Americans that our freedoms are not immutable and absolute but are subject to reinterpretation, revision and, in some cases, even limitation.
Dunsky is anti-gun. She wants more gun control restrictions. She cites with seeming approval the invasive body searches by the TSA. She seems to welcome this as a sign a more compliant USA where willingly citizens surrender more rights and liberties for what she calls more safety.

Since we let the TSA feel our crotches before boarding a plane, what's the harm in surrendering our gun rights for the sake of more security, right?


Dunsky cites a recent school shooting at a Colorado high school as part of her push for more gun control. Yet she points to new gun control laws in Colorado passed prior to that shooting as a sign of progress.

Another recent shooting happened in Maryland, another strict gun control state Dunsky touts.

Can Dunsky not see the gun control laws she pushes aren't the buffer of safety she pretends they are?

Dunsky seems more interested in pushing an agenda than she is in assessing its proven failure.

I also note the irony that Dunsky turns to Middle East-based al Jazeera to publish her anti-gun opinions about the need to sacrifice our freedoms here in the USA.

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