Sunday, March 23, 2014

Idaho stands against future federal gun-grabbing

Idaho's governor signed into law an interesting piece of gun rights legislation last week.

Idaho SB 1332 says, in part:
It is the intent of the Legislature in
14 enacting this act to protect Idaho law enforcement officers from being di-
15 rected, through federal executive orders, agency orders, statutes, laws,
16 rules, or regulations enacted or promulgated on or after the effective date
17 of this act, to violate their oath of office and Idaho citizens' rights un-
18 der Section 11, Article I, of the Constitution of the State of Idaho. This
19 Idaho constitutional provision disallows confiscation of firearms except
20 those actually used in the commission of a felony, and disallows other re-
21 strictions on a citizen's lawful right to own firearms and ammunition. This
22 act provides that no Idaho law enforcement official shall knowingly and
23 willingly order an action that is contrary to the provisions of Section 11,
24 Article I, of the Constitution of the State of Idaho. The Legislature does
25 not intend to affect an Idaho law enforcement officer who assists federal
26 agents on drug or gang enforcement activities. The Legislature intends to
27 create a penalty for an official, agent or employee of the State of Idaho or a
28 political subdivision thereof that orders an unlawful confiscation without
29 penalizing officers that follow orders. Idaho law enforcement officers are
30 partners with Idaho citizens in protecting the rights as outlined in both the
31 United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Idaho.
Additional thoughts on Idaho SB 1332 can be found at the New American in an article written prior to it receiving the governor's signature.

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