Monday, March 17, 2014

Obama orders sanctions

The Obama administration orders sanctions to punish Russia's interventions in the Ukraine.

Politico reports an executive order was signed this morning:
It authorizes Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to work with Secretary of State John Kerry to impose sanctions on “any individual or entity that operates in the Russian arms industry, and any designated individual or entity that acts on behalf of, or that provides material or other support to, any senior Russian government official,” the White House said in a statement.
Will this order be used to ban the import of Russian made ammo into the United States? Such action would seem to clearly fall within the scope of the order as it's reported.

There are other sources of cheap steel case ammunition. But Russia has been a biggie provider to the U.S. civilian market.

Update: Remember this Sipsey Street post earlier this month?

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  1. Hi Doug;

    I am glad I went and picked up some ammo yesterday. The steel ammo from Monarch and others were already gone. THe steel ammo has a lacquer on it, it will jam the rifle if it gets too hot and dirty. I figured this is my last ditch ammo anyway. The zombies have made it past all the other stuff and it will be bayonet from here.