Wednesday, March 26, 2014


"The astonishing wealth of the West, more widely distributed than in any other civilization, the abandonment of religion as the foundation of morals and virtues, the transformation of political freedom into self-centered license, and the commodification of hedonism that makes available to everyman luxuries and behaviors once reserved for a tiny elite, have made self-indulgence and the present more important than self-sacrifice and the future." - Bruce Thornton, writing at FrontPage Mag

And how are the political elites faring in our present age of self-indulgence?

I'm struck by the fact our president, Barack Obama,  is currently in Europe accompanied by an official entourage of 900 while his wife is touring China with her own entourage of 70. Both are traveling at the expense of a nation that has an official recorded debt of $17 trillion dollars and continues to increase.

And don't even get me started on last month's official White House photo touting the lifestyles of Obama dogs Sunny and Bo.

White House photo via @FLOTUS on Twitter

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  1. Hey Doug,

    The problem is that they don't care, Obama is the most narcissistic person to ever sit in the white house. Our American media will cover for him since he is "their" guy. he wasn't never vetted unlike Palin who had media crawling in her trash trying to get dirt. I get a lot of news from the foreign news sources, they tend to be more honest than the current crop of Walter Cronkite wanna be's.