Friday, March 14, 2014

Shyanne's not shy about defending gun rights

“I am an example to others that kids and guns don’t always lead to bad things happening,” Shyanne Roberts told the (New Jersey) Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.

Shyanne Roberts is a competitive shooter. Shyanne Roberts is also 9-years-old.

Roberts' comment reminds me of something my grandma told me when I was a kid visiting her farm.

I saw a group of boys with rifles walking down the dirt road out front, and pointed it out to granny.

"Oh, those are good boys, otherwise their parents wouldn't trust 'em to be out with guns," she told me.

We used to encourage our young people to take up shooting. Shooting teams were once a popular extracurricular school activity. In a few places today, they still are.

Going back even farther, Thomas Jefferson saw firearms as a companion to mental and physical fitness in American youth.

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