Friday, April 18, 2014

.22 ammo orders still backlogged

Anyone who shoots .22 Long Rifle ammo knows supply is still hard to come by.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program continues to have a huge backlog of  backorders. An email from the CMP carried this update:
AGUILA .22LR STANDARD VELOCITY. After a very long wait, CMP received a full container (1,000 cases) of Aguila .22LR ammunition, CMP item number 419ASVSE. Because of the price increase to $305 per case, we are contacting customers who have this item on order with the option to cancel the order or to continue processing at the new price. Contact is being made via email and phone call if necessary, oldest orders first. We still have over 6,000 customer orders for this item and are expecting another shipment of 1,000 cases in June, 2014. 
On the bright side, the CMP says it has caught up on its outstanding orders for Aguila .30 cal carbine ammo, and even has some in stock to sell. It also had some vintage Lake City carbine ammo available at the time the email went out.

There is a set of eligibility requirements for those buying from the CMP, stuff like demonstrating active involvement in firearms or marksmanship activity, and membership in an approved shooting sports or collectors organisation. Most folks can easily qualify if they have interest.

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