Thursday, April 24, 2014

About the Georgia gun bill signed into law yesterday...

And now for some back story:

Why did Georgia Governor Nathan Deal wait so long before signing the gun bill, and why did he trek up to the mountain community of Ellijay to do it?

The signing took place in the home district of, and with high profile participation by, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, a Republican who is apparently getting a worrisome  primary challenge from a popular local high school coach who is backed by the local Tea Party.

Deal had 40 days from the end of the session to sign the bill, or it would have become law without his signature. The gun bill was within days of becoming law anyway.

So, Deal deal's signing was about as late as it could be, and still have relevance. And it seems timed to deliver a primary election pop for the governor and his allies.

Early voting for the primary begins on Monday.

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