Thursday, April 3, 2014

Commentary from Connecticut

The editorial board of the Hartford Courant in February chimed in on Connecticut's new gun and magazine registration law by calling for prosecution of the tens of thousands of Connecticut residents who are willfully disobeying the law.

While the Courant, best I can tell, hasn't retreated from its official position, it has given gun rights advocate John Cinque access to its editorial page. Among Cinque's comments recently appearing in Courant:
Those in government who choose to rule by fiat instead of by representing us have a choice to make: This choice is reason or force. The line is drawn and the people will no longer allow further encroachment of our natural rights. An armed society is a polite society. As long as the people remain armed, government knows that it cannot rule over the people by force. Those who stand in defiance of unconstitutional laws do so out of duty, honor, oath and love of country.
A gun rights rally is planned this weekend in Hartford.

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