Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Michelle Nunn is not pro-gun

Michelle Nunn wants to be a Democrat senator from Georgia just like her daddy was.

But for a candidate in a pro-gun state like Georgia, she has supporters who cast her in a troubling light.

Big time gun-control advocate Mike Bloomberg is among those on the left doing what he can to move Nunn's campaign forward, noted Brandon Howell in a March column at
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg maxed out to Nunn’s campaign in the final fundraising quarter of 2013, this coming in the same year in which he called on donors to quit contributing to Democrats who oppose his pro-gun control agenda.
Also in late 2013, the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action picked up on this:
Recently, Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn attended a New York City fundraiser with Michelle Obama and picked up her endorsement. In her remarks Mrs. Obama said that electing Nunn is "critical" to enacting President Obama's anti-Second Amendment agenda. 
In her campaign, Nunn now seeks to play the political outsider, a middle-of-the-roader who runs ads proclaiming her fresh face wants to bring new ways of doing things to Washington.

Trouble is, there's a history from last year suggesting something quite different.


  1. Hey Doug;

    I have been seeing Michelle Nunns ads on the tv and she sounds like a republican. I know differently but I am afraid that the stupid party will put Paul Braun against her and she will clean his clock. She already acts like she has the job and has been coronated.

    1. Regarding Michelle Nunn's positioning, I had similar thoughts a few days back.

      As for Broun, I've seen a lot of big yard signs in Cobb and Gwinnett counties touting support for Broun, while signs for others in the Republican field are few and far between. Broun is a staunchly conservative, while Handel is endorsed by some high profile conservatives. Others in the Republican field haven't made much of an impression on me so far, except Perdue, who gaffed big time ripping Handel's education.