Monday, April 28, 2014

More progressive panic and posturing over Georgia's new gun law

The new law expanding "gun rights" in Georgia continues to send panic through the progressive political ranks.

E. J. Dionne at Real Clear Politics is among those crying wolf, and to apparently expecting immediate masses of carnage in the streets of our Peach State.

Despite the overall fearmongering tone, there is a paragraph in Dionne's piece I found enlightening:
The New York Times found that in the 12 months after the Sandy Hook shootings, 39 laws were enacted tightening gun restrictions; 25 were passed by state governments under full Democratic control. Seventy laws were passed loosening gun restrictions, 49 of them in Republican-controlled states. According to The Wall Street Journal, 21 states strengthened firearms restrictions in 2013, and 20 weakened them.
The stats show promise. Despite their best shot, progressive gun-control fanatics seemingly were only able to deliver in the bluest of blue states.

Dionne also fails to mention the mass civil disobedience now occurring where some of the more restrictive gun control laws were passed.  Connecticut, for example, still sidesteps enforcement of its new registration requirements amid estimates that up to 100-thousand residents are in willful non-compliance. Estimates of non-compliance in New York range as high as a million gun owners.

The Left may still brag about new gun control restrictions passed last year. But if the states are afraid or otherwise unwilling to enforcement their new laws, it speaks volumes of how out of step they are with people living in those jurisdictions.

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