Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reality checking the Bundy bashers

Doug Giles notes at
Yep, the stealing of old Cliven’s cattle; the paramilitary machinery levied against cowboys on horses; the sniper’s bouncing multiple .223 rounds off Bundy’s bull’s noggins via helicopters; the dumping of his slaughtered cattle into mass graves and the separation of his mama cows from their nursing calves by government goons was about the worse PR the BLM could ever dread to receive. Heck, even PETA was bitching about the Bureau of Land “Management.” 
But in Obamaland, all that is second fiddle to an old, white cowboy saying “Negro, slave and pickin’ cotton” in the same sentence.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    It doesn't fit the narrative, the obama media has to continue to "cover" for their guy and the BLM fiasco makes them look bad. So they have to drag out the tired old drum and beat "racism" on it to keep the blacks and liberals fired up so they will go and vote "democrat" in the midterm election in the hopes to stave off the bloodbath they are expecting due to "OBunglercare"