Thursday, April 24, 2014


Local news in Las Vegas says some at Bundy Ranch fear their ranks have been infiltrated by federal agents working undercover.

An atmosphere of uncertainty now surrounds the Bundy ranch. The so-called security guards aren't sure, but they believe it's possible federal agents are among them, posing as militia.
Begs the question: If federal agents are infiltrating the Bundy ranks, is it merely to gather intel, or does someone in government envision false-flag antics to discredit those who've opposed the BLM.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    I remember a joke that was told in the 90's when the militia movement first got started under Clinton. "How do you know who is a FLEA(Federal Law Enforcement Agent) in your militia? Answer" He is the one who's dues are current........

    Yes I can see a "false Flag" incident happening, It wouldn't surprise me. The current regime has to discredit the militia movement who got a bolstering after the showdown.