Wednesday, May 7, 2014

If you hate zombies, but love cats...

I read a delightful piece of zombie apocalypse fiction this week.

Zombies, Cats and Heroes by Brett A. Fernau.

Not nearly the gore-fest most zombie tales obsess with. And it's a cat lovers delight as well. Cats have a much more active role in the tale than zombies do.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the book's positive references to prepping, but it's done in a light-handed, gentle manner. Nobody's preaching here.

Firearms are also presented in positive light, but there's no obsession with heavy duty armaments or massive firepower. Just some basics in gun philosophy and hardware suffice.

Again, this isn't a how-to prepper book disguised as fiction. It's a fictional zombie tale with a post-apocalyptic feline twist. It's the kind of book that makes for a light beach or pool-side summer read.

If you fan of zombie tales, and love cats even more, make some time to curl up with this book.

Zombies, Cats and Heroes in an independently published work, and is available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

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