Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Productive Tuesday

Acquired a new, more functional bicycle today.

Actually, it's a 30-year-old 10-speed that will be more functional than what I have now once a few mods are made.  Saw the bike, a Nishiki with 27-inch wheels, near the checkout at a thrift store. Cost out the door: $31.75 with tax.

Gears and brakes function well, some minor surface rust seems to be cleaning up with a copper scouring pad dipped in some Marvel Mystery Oil. Only a light test ride so far cuz the tires are scary old, probably original, and their rot is obvious.

Still, the bike is of a solid build. Components are metal, plastic very scarce. Comfortable to ride.

Getting an old bike into shape gives me motivation to get in better shape, build endurance to ride it.

Always good to have a project that reinforces fitness and basic mechanical skills.

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