Friday, May 2, 2014

Report: The White House had role at Bundy Ranch

How much news can be hidden in just one paragraph?

KLAS-TV, News 8 in Las Vegas gives it a shot in an after-action report on Bundy Ranch:
When the Bureau of Land Management mobilized to go after Bundy's cattle two years ago, they did so under an administrative order. This time, it was considered a criminal matter, and the I-Team has learned that order went all the way to the White House for approval.
If the report is accurate, I glean the following:

The Obama White House had direct involvement in events that transpired with the Bureau of Land Management at the ranch.

If the White House and BLM deemed this a criminal matter, why didn't BLM show up with, and execute criminal warrants at the start of the operation?

If a crime's been committed, make it a crime on the record. Don't go name calling, or engage criminal prosecution tactics over what's officially a civil matter. The TV report seems to overlook it was paramilitary style government force deployed over a civil matter that put the protest movement in motion.

The KLAS report goes on to report law enforcement claims that Bundy ranch protesters had the means to unleash a bloodbath targeting officers at the scene. But the report also says no one in the demonstration crowd who did have a gun didn't so much as put a finger on a trigger. The claim could just as easily be made that law enforcement had the means to massacre protesters. Our emotions are being toyed with here.

What's most important in assessing things here is the bottom line: That neither side fired a shot.

Still, it was clear by all accounts that things came dangerously close to a shooting range war the other week. Why's this local TV station seem to just now figure that out?

With tensions now seemingly subsided, we wait to see how BLM and local law enforcement make any next moves.

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