Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snellville's small town authoritarians

So, apparently Snellville, GA now considers requiring a permit for your kids to knock on a neighbor's door to door to sell stuff mandated by public school fundraisers (and other non-profit endeavors).

From WSB Radio:
The ordinance, in its current form, would require potential solicitors to first obtain the one-year permit by going to the police department and submitting their information.  They would also undergo a free background check which usually takes a day to process.  Minors selling their wares would not be required to undergo a background check but their parent would and as well as have to accompany their children door-to-door.
Can't begin to tell you how many school related fundraisers kids are required to participate in. Football .... Basketball... Cheerleading has them... Orchestra... And sometimes there's school-wide fundraising.

Then there's the non-school athletic stuff like rec league or travel ball sports... scouting...

And Snellville wants to require permits and parental background checks before kids can begin complying with mandated fundraising? Not everyone has deep pockets or extended family to meet these fundraising obligations.

Think again, Snellville. If some of your residents object to knocks at their doors, tell 'em to put up a "no soliciting" sign. If you must enact additional regulation, confine it to clearly commercial ventures, not kids trying to gain life-building experiences.

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