Thursday, May 1, 2014

Team Obama outs colleges and universities over sexual harassment complaints

Now this is interesting: The federal government today outed a list of 55 colleges and universities it says are being investigated over sexual abuse and harassment complaints.

The Department of Education release says, in part:
The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released today a list of the higher education institutions under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints. 
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. In the past, Department officials confirmed individual Title IX investigations at institutions, but today's list is the first comprehensive look at which campuses are under review by OCR for possible violations of the law's requirements around sexual violence. 
"We are making this list available in an effort to bring more transparency to our enforcement work and to foster better public awareness of civil rights," Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine E. Lhamon said. "We hope this increased transparency will spur community dialogue about this important issue. I also want to make it clear that a college or university's appearance on this list and being the subject of a Title IX investigation in no way indicates at this stage that the college or university is violating or has violated the law."
Making such a list public is unprecedented, according to the release, and the move is being sold to the public as being in the interest of "transparency." I have to ask, what - if anything - has the Obama administration done purely in the interest of transparency?

Strikes me, the Obama administration's intent may be to up its level of intimidation, an attempt to push colleges and universities to make rushed, one-size-fits-all, centrally-planned policy changes as designed by Obama allied progressive bureaucrats.

Obama bureaucrats seem to use each and every "in" they can find to push their fundamental transformation. Just because colleges and universities are generally in the hands of the political left, those in higher education shouldn't fall into a belief that they too won't be targets of change as Team Obama attempts to reshape America in a step-by-step, institution-by-institution process.

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