Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Resurrecting a passtime from my youth

I was fiddling around with an early 1970s Radio Shack DX-150B shortwave set I bought off  Ebay the other night. It arrived an extremely poor performer, I was afraid it would need a major overhaul.

But after simply cleaning the contacts on the switches and relays, the darn thing rocks.

Now, I have to trim the gain way back to get Radio Havana. The signal around 6MHz overloads the set.

Over the weekend, Radio Havana hosted a program called "Music with a Message." 1960s early '70s rock tunes with peace and anti-war themes seemed to dominate. Graham Nash's "Military Madness" was among them. Can't remember the last time I heard that on the radio.

I miss the old days of Commie propaganda radio. Radio Havana is one of the last of the semi-hardliners. Listening to Commie propaganda broadcasts as a kid, I do believe, helped me to discern the crap government is trying to feed us today.

Among my intermediate goals is to put up a dipole or random wire antenna pointed at the middle east. Would love to hear stuff coming out of the Arab states or countries in the Med (at least those still on shortwave) But for now, my shortwave listening antenna is the rain gutter on the back of my house, and it's not really a bad performer.

Most things on shortwave are now available on the Internet.  Still, there's times when something unique or unexpected can pop up. And it's nice to know I have alternatives to receive a wide variety of information should we have find ourselves having to deal with widespread or prolonged Internet outages.

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