Saturday, June 7, 2014

Super, ultra busy this summer

Don and I skipped doing our radio show again Friday (June 6), I was at the airport picking up my daughter as she arrived home after a trip to Italy. Don and I expect to be back with a program next week.

I've also been busy with rental property, getting at least one now-vacant property ready to put up for sale, and a couple of others ready to re-rent.

And I've been checking out and buying some older used amateur radio gear, pulling together elements to get a basement "ham shack" up and running. It's something I've kinda sorta wanted to get around to for about 40 years, and I've finally made time. In a related move, I'm also researching new digital police scanners (though most local police can't be heard because their transmissions are encrypted, fire and EMS still operated in the clear with digital signals). I should have some additional thoughts on scanners in the coming weeks.

I may hit the hamfest over in Marietta later today - about an hour's drive from my 10-20.

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