Saturday, July 12, 2014

A nation divided and under seige

There's an American Thinker article that I believe makes some valid points, but I suspect that more than 90 percent of America (maybe more) is too muddled in political correctness to even consider its speculations.

Fay Voshell writes:
...there is a second reason for moving people around, and that is to foster revolution by actively promoting unrest. The goal is to achieve “fundamental transformation” of a country by tearing down existing structures, replacing them with a new order of government... 
The reason for the influx of South American children -- and God only knows who else along with them -- may well be that their importation into the hearts of our towns and cities will prove to be useful fifth columns around which radical groups such as La Raza can rally. Radicals love nothing so much as manufactured crises, which they then put to use for their ends.
Lest you think I've launched full-scale into conspiracy theories, let me go I go back to a root premise I've expressed as the immigration crisis came to light:  Mass migrations of "mothers and children" don't just happen spontaneously, without provocation or orchestration.

The Left is importing Occupy-style foot soldiers - a mass of people. whether they know it or not, intended to cause division and disruption - because home-grown Occupiers weren't up to the task. The crush of arriving immigrants also excite and mobilize the immigration radicals already here.

I also note that the Obama team is quick to co-opt religious charities as part of its ploy.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports:
The federal government asked the Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes if they would help house some of the thousands of undocumented children. 
The group home replied by saying they would welcome the children with open arms. Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes says they are prepared to house an undisclosed amount of children.
Cunning bureaucrat bastards. Move immediately to trigger division in the church over what support to give arriving illegals, while making its charities first to choke as they're overwhelmed by a Cloward Piven surge.

By the way, have you noticed substantial discussions of things like national debt or Obamacare failings have ceased now that Obama has preoccupied us with his immigration Blitzkrieg?

And Congress still doesn't have the  courage to reign him in.

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