Monday, July 21, 2014

Assessing blame in Ukraine not so easy

It seems the Obama administration is hot-to-trot to blame so-called pro-Russian separatists allegedly trained by Vlad Putin's Russia for last week's downing of the Malaysian jetliner over Eastern Ukraine.

And Obama wants Putin to admit to a role leading to last week's events.

But I have to wonder...

What are the chances the airliner was shot down by a missile looted or otherwise obtained from a Ukrainian base, or that it was fired by Ukrainian soldiers who defected to the rebel side earlier this year?

There were a slew of military defections after the previous Ukraine government was toppled. And many defectors apparently took key hardware with them when switching sides.

We also can't overlook that the Obama adminsitration played part in helping install the new Ukrainian government, one designed to tilt allegiance toward the west, and away from Russia.

I don't see any innocent hands here.


BTW, I suspect it's already largely forgotten among Americans that people living in the Crimea region in southern Ukraine voted to secede from Ukraine earlier this year.

And nearly all the Ukrainian military in Crimea switched sides prior to the secession vote.

A report from RT, that aired in early March 2014:

Editor's note: RT is a Russian owned news channel, its programs convey a Russian viewpoint.

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