Friday, July 18, 2014

Awkward moments

Plain and simple: Obama looked like an uniformed, self indulgent, uncaring ass yesterday.

I could rehash the details, but linking to the UK Daily Mail's telling of the story should suffice.

Some say Obama acts this way every day, but I say yesterday was different.

Yesterday the world and the media took note.

I suspect the U.S. media fully expected to make Obama central to the story of the downed jetliner. Surely he would energize their coverage by saying bold things, casting himself prominently into the story.

He didn't. With the exception of 38 seconds (as timed by ABC News) of Ukraine related comments, Obama stuck to a previously written schedule and script.

Was it that he failed to see scripted jokes and a photo op would look out of place, or was it that he just didn't care?

Either way, it created awkward moments for his usually devoted media chums.  And that awkwardness amplified the president's inappropriate behavior. You couldn't not notice it.

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