Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good ol' Joe

The Woodpile Report recaps today's mindset of Joe S. Everyman, with the S now standing for Sheeple...

Says in part:
Good ol' Joe may be wrong but at least he's honest with himself. He knows big events are in the making. He also knows he isn't making them. Yet everybody wants to convince him to do something, and by that they mean do something stupid. Don't use a credit card they say, but he can't reserve a motel room or buy on-line without one. Stock up on food they say, but why, so one day he'll have a roomful of stale food? Buy old and worn silver coins at many times face value, they say. He takes this as evidence they're crazy. We're in a Depression they say. He calls BS. He's working. No overtime, but working. He's seen it all before. It's either overtime or layoffs. Never been any different. He knows a Depression is where the stock market crashes and people get thrown out on the street and stand in line for handouts, besides, depressions are in black and white and everybody drives antique cars. So those people are nuts. Even if it happened he wouldn't be standing in line, that's what food stamps and unemployment insurance are for. Joe's got enough to do without worrying about stuff that probably won't happen.
Are you staking your lot with Joe, or are you daring to think beyond the crowd?

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