Monday, July 28, 2014

Obama's immigration surge, helping to shape the next census

Mayor Rahm Emanuel continues to get media attention after proclaiming underage immigrants who crossed the border illegally, after initial federal processing, will be welcome in Chicago.

With good folk moving out, a natural death rate among residents, and a hefty Chicago murder count, I'd say Rahm's already eyeing a 2020 census, and is recruiting additional head count to assure Chicago's continued political clout, and to keep federal money flowing in.

An orchestrated immigration may well be a tactic to boost populations in Democrat-leaning urban areas in the 2020 census. This might explain why Democrats are eager to open immigration gates wide now, and why Obama spreads out arriving illegals to cities and towns across America, often targeting Blue States as resettlement zones, despite objections from Blue State voters.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    Also keeping in mind with the 2020 census, loading down the red states with them also, nothing like skewing the results. Obama had the census office moved into direct white house control for the 2010 census according to the assorted fishwrappers I read back in 2009 if memory serves. All of this is orchestrated to cause problems for the country and put more pressure on the services. I have heard of Cloward Pivins strategy of causing an overload and social chaos and giving the government an excuse to suspend rights and more control.