Friday, July 25, 2014

"Photo ops and national debt... "

Don and I had a packed show today:

The crazy proposal being floated that the Obama administration says will cut illegal immigration: Team Obama will pre-screen aliens in Honduras and fly 'em here. We call it ObamaAir.

Meanwhile, Obama tries to revive his rock star image.

And Hillary Clinton tries to top Josh Earnest for making the most preposterous claim of political accomplishment.

A couple of trolls called, showering us with a few f-bombs for a split-second or two. I'd cut 'em out, but leaving 'em in only showcases their stupidity. So, they'll stay in for now. I reserve the right to delete them later.

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  1. Please see this Doug, Tyranny in Boston Massachusetts

    And this


    1. Once a city rich with the history of the American revolution, Boston's Commissioner Evans seems to have lost sight of America's founding principles, even its founding documents.