Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Propaganda that caught my eye

I've always enjoyed good propaganda. Sometimes bad propaganda can be even more intriguing.

Here we have what is presented to be a Ukrainian rebel militia woman telling a tale of Ukraine government war planes using airliners and their passengers as shields.

I find it a stretch she can see so clearly up 30-thousand feet or so where airliners fly, though she doesn't claim to be an eye witness. I also note her allegation regarding Ukrainian aircraft tactics appears to have been posted online nearly a month before the Malayasian jetliner was shot down.

But that's not what makes this video stand out to me.
It's the staging. Strikes me as being in the Russian Soviet tradition. Tall, attractive woman decked out with a hint of fashion under camo. But only enough fashion so that those viewing the video see humanity.

And she has a perfect firearm to complete her ensemble. Not too big, not too small. Just right to allow human strength to be the prevailing message, while still conveying new-found militancy.

By the way, is that a statue of Lenin over her shoulder in the background?

Propaganda can't be taken at face value, but it can still tell you a lot about the events that prompted its production. Some of the loudest messages in propaganda are delivered between the lines, but only for those who know to look there. And, yes, even the subtle messages are full of spin.

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