Monday, July 21, 2014

Refreshingly frank liberal commentary on Palestine and Islam

An excerpt from Monday's blog post one of my favorite liberal writers, James Howard Kunstler:
Some time ago, the Left adopted the Palestinians as their pet oppressed minority group so there is nothing that Israel might do that will be okay with them, except to commit suicide, that is, cease to exist — which is the stated policy of Hamas. Every time Israel refuses the suggestion that it cease to exist, the Left becomes inflamed. They cannot imagine why Israel would prefer to fight for its existence than to roll over and die.
Kunstler also writes:
The New York Times reported that street protests against Israel had broken out in London and Paris, giving the impression that some broad national sentiment was being expressed when, in fact, the protesters were from the large Muslim communities that these nations had foolishly invited to immigrate there. Has anyone in the West still failed to notice the pugnacity of Islam in our time? Islam does not want to co-exist with the West anymore than the Palestinians want to grant Israel the right to exist. 

Kunstler has his peak oil quirks, and he may loathe the Tea Party.

But he "gets it" on many other levels where most on the Left seem too sheeplized to see.

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