Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sent this to my congressman this morning

I'm doing what Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) suggests. I'm giving Congress a piece of my mind.

Republican elites have their plan. I'm not sure now many of our elected representatives still listen to us with any sense of sincerity. But at least I'm on record, calling them out, urging restoration of America, and denouncing GOP complicity with the Obama agenda.

Here's the letter to my House representative I fired off as the sun came up this morning (He is a Republican):

In 2010, conservative voters delivered a nationwide miracle for the GOP, giving the party control of the House as well as state legislatures in key states. 
And GOP leadership has been disparaging of conservatives ever since. 
Since 2010, GOP leadership has become increasingly complicit in helping Barack Obama move his agenda forward. The level of complicity has accelerated, now it is impossible not to see it. 
America has reached a point of grave danger, perhaps past the point of no return. 
Do you plan to vote in favor of the House leadership's sell-out immigration plan? I won't repeat the warning from Senator Jeff Sessions, I'm sure you know the content. He's right, it's a flawed gateway. 
Germany have Hitler an enabling act that allowed his rise to dictatorial power. Republican leadership in the house is doing what amounts to same thing, only they're doing it piecemeal. If you vote for this wolf-in-sheep's clothing legislation, you too are complicit. 
If you want to save the Republican Party, Republicans in the House still loyal to the Constitution, must remove John Boehner from the speakership. He's doing the party, and the nation, a grave disservice. 
Let's close the borders. Get our nation's house in order, and restore a declining economy. I'm tired of Potemkin games telling me all is well. 
America has been in decline for years, but now it appears clear decline is being intentionally orchestrated from Washington Dc.  Will you stand to restore America, or be complicit in its conversion to a bankrupt, overrun third world status?

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