Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shot down in mid-air

There's some incredible video of a plane being shot down over the Ukraine. 

It's not the Malaysian Airlines flight, it's reported to be a Ukrainian military plane that was shot down in June.

Forgive the clunky Google translation, I lifted the following descriptions from a Russian language website:
According to local residents, was hit by a Slavic Ukrainian spy plane AN-30. Under the version of the witnesses, pilots ejected. The plane caught fire in the air and fell. 
Downed aircraft fell near svyatogorsk. Paratroopers ejected from the downed spy plane in the vicinity of the Blue Lakes.

The video was shot, and posted online, in early June.

With clear documentation that anti-aircraft missiles were deployed and in use over Eastern Ukraine, it continues to alarm and baffle me as to why Ukrainian and other European civil aviation authorities had not declared the region a hostile territory and closed the airspace to civilian traffic.

Bureaucratic negligence appears to be a primary, if not the primary, factor in last week's disaster.

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